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Social peace starting from an inner non-violent dialogue

The heart of the CRITERE method, an overview in 4 pages


Download the Basic Table of contents, Introduction, Conclusion, Bibliography, Full Table of contents :


Successful collective mobilisation is an art that can be learned. Take A Guided tour!

This article presents several historical examples of effective nonviolent actions AND a concrete method to overcome an injustice. It is the first part of an article (13 pages) :


Active non-violence, with Jean & Hildegard Goss-Mayer :

In Deutsch:


Towards a theology of just peace through new conflict management practices

Article (7 pages) published in French : Vers une théologie de la paix juste, grâce aux nouvelles pratiques en gestion des conflits, dans Actes du colloque Paix des Églises : paix du monde ?, ISEO, Paris, 2023, p. 205-214.

The same article in German :


Politics and Good Governance. A Review of the Documents of the Second Synod for Africa

Article (16 pages) published in NRT, 2013


5-steps-nonviolent-dialogue in German, French and last English in the same File :