Non violence : non cooperation with injustice

This week, a woman from Kiev had a vision in a dream: in a war-torn city, she is looking for her family. Jesus comes closer to her and she asks him to give her a hand. Jesus, from the cross, replies: “You cannot do both things together; you cannot crucify me and at the same time ask for my help. You have to choose one or the other.”
When this person woke up from the vision, she told everyone around her that she had decided to choose what is essential. The Apostolic Nuncio in Kiev shared this witness on March 11, 2022.

Choose what is essential: “You won’t kill,” even if others do.

Non-violence chooses what is essential: if all the inhabitants of a country decide to hold hands in order not to cooperate with the invader, the latter will not be able to subdue them and profit from their violent assaults, all the more so if billions of humans on the planet also hold hands with them, from where they are. Weapons do not make the greatness and heroism of a person, of a nation, but here is what does: 1) their courageous determination not to cooperate with the injustices of which it is aware (and war is one of them), 2) their ability to understand and recognize the profound truth of each party, 3) the art of creating an agreement that takes it into account: a framework of law, authentic communication and effective negotiation, for a just peace. Stay on course.

When everyone is holding hands,
what can the Evil One do?