A case of active non-violence stopping the deportation of Jews

Imagine that you are in 1940. Your country has been invaded by Germany. The Nazis demand that Jews wear the Star of David on their arms, without saying that this is the first step towards their deportation and extermination. You are a simple citizen, poor and destitute. What do you do? Because you are creative and resolutely committed to active non-violence, that is to say, to the art of preventing any human group from abusing its power, from making the slightest profit from it, you begin to think, with that imaginative intelligence that creates new solutions. You say to yourself:  they want to single out the Jews and prepare us to set them apart from our society.

What can we do, so as not to fall for their low-grade trick?

… Eureka, let’s all wear the star. How to do it?

…I’ve got it: I will find the king of the country and tell him about it.  When he is convinced, I will ask him to convince the political and economic power elites + the intelligentsia that they all start wearing the Star of David armband at the same time.

…and that they all invite everyone around them to do the same:  spouse, children, neighbours, etc., etc.,…

Translation (without the pun / play on words in French) :
Shameless (takeover/control) turning into a lowly quest

« No one can make you feel inferior without your consent » (Éléonore Roosevelt).